Abigail studied massage at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, and the School of Thai Massage Shivagakomarpaj. She apprenticed under Rachel Garcia to learn Chavutti Thirumal. Abigail is known for her strength and intuition, and can deliver a truly deep tissue massage. She excels at loosening up especially tight shoulders, helping clients reach flexibility goals, and finding (and reducing)  sources of pain.


chavutti thirumal

A traditional Indian massage technique developed in Kerala, India, translated to mean “foot pressure.” In Chavutti massage, the recipient lies on a mat on the floor, and the massage therapist uses her feet to apply pressure while holding a rope for balance. This technique has the capacity to deliver deep pressure without the intensity of a pointy finger or elbow. The broad surface area of the foot allows for deeper, less painful work on large muscle groups, while the many edges of the foot still allow for focused work on tight shoulders, arms, etc. Chavutti is characterized by long massage strokes from fingers to toes, as well as passive stretching positions. It is thought to be especially well suited to athletes. The therapist is rarely, if ever, applying her full weight or actually standing on the recipient, and this technique can be done lightly if preferred.

deep tissue

Deep tissue massage focuses on the relief of pain and muscle tension throughout the body. During the massage, the recipient may be brought towards an edge of pain in order to break up adhesions (knots) and relieve deep rooted tension. The therapist communicates closely with recipient in order to maximize effectiveness without causing actual pain. Benefits include pain relief, breaking up scar tissue, rehabilitation of injured muscles, improved circulation and stress reduction.


Relaxation massage is characterized by light, soothing strokes. The primary intention is to promote a general sense of peace and restfulness, rather than relief of serious muscle ache. Benefits include improved circulation, stress reduction, and overall lovely feelings.


massage offerings

60-minute massage$80
90-minute massage$120
120-minute massage$160
at-home massage travel fee$40

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Cancellation policy:

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the massage cost. Cancellations within 3 hours or less of the appointment, or no call/no shows, will be charged 100% of the massage cost.


2440 West Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor

The studio is upstairs from Diane Rose Jewelry, conveniently located near two highways, and includes free parking. Enter through the front door and head upstairs! By appointment only. Find me on the map

At-home massages are also available for an additional travel fee of $40, within a radius of about 10 miles from downtown Ann Arbor.

Also available: On-site massage for events such as parties, wedding rehearsals, family gatherings, etc.